A little boy in Clinton is heartbroken after someone appears to have stolen his beloved Peanuts characters from his yard.

Noah Terrell is just 9-years-old, and unfortunately, he's learning a tough lesson. "I just want to bring people happiness, why do they have to steal my stuff?" Noah asks.

Michael Terrell, the minister at the Clinton United Methodist Church, and his son, Noah, have been making Peanuts characters since Noah was little. Noah absolutely loves Peanuts, and father and son would create 2-3 characters every year from scratch - drawing, cutting, and painting the figures.

This year, Noah himself painted the newest character - Rerun (Linus' little brother) - and proudly placed it outside with the other characters in a field near the parsonage on Route 12B in Clinton. The figure was placed outside late last week, and 3-4 days later, it was gone.

Michael says at first, he thought his son was kidding around when he asked where Sally and Rerun went, but when he saw his son's eyes fill with tears he knew the figures were really gone.

Noah penned a note to the thief (or thieves) saying if they are returned "I will be very happy." Michael says Noah goes out in his pajamas every morning to see if the characters have been brought back.

Credit: Michael Terrell

There is a little good news. "I got a message from the woman at the Waterville Times who said Sally had been found near a guardrail in Waterville," Michael says.

Credit: Michael Terrell

Rerun, however, is still missing.

Rerun looks like a younger Linus. It's possible, since Sally was found nearby, that Rerun is somewhere in the vicinity of Waterville. Michael and his son just want Rerun returned, with no questions asked. Maybe this is a just a prank gone wrong. Whatever the explanation, hopefully the thieves will do the right thing, and restore the happiness of a little boy.

You can either return Rerun to the church, or, if you find Rerun, please contact Michael Terrell on Facebook.

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