If you're looking to beat the heat this Summer or just looking for you're next big thrill, here's 8 places you can take a leap in New York.* 

*Cliff jumping can be dangerous. People have died or have been seriously hurt.  Before jumping, verify legality, water depth, and please use common sense.

1. Calf's Pen in Lake George

Make the trek to Lake George and dive into the Calf's Pen. There is a place to climb out safely and the water is extremely deep according to Every Trail.com. There's even several different heights to jump from.

Get directions to Calf's Pen in Lake George.

2. Trenton Falls in Trenton

Trenton Falls on the West Canada Creek is an Oneida County gem that is only open on a limited basis. West Canada Creek drops over several falls to form Trenton Falls including, Upper High Falls, Lower High Falls, Village Falls, Cascade of the Alhambra, Sherman Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Mill Dam Falls.

3. Furlong Cliffs in Durham

Furlong Cliffs, a once popular spot, in now on private property and cliff jumping is NOT ALLOWED!

4. Bluff Island Cliffs in Saranac Lake

Bluff Island Cliffs in Saranac Lake are well known for cliff jumping and was featured in the movie serial The Perils of Pauline according to Adirondack Explorer Org. The heroine jumped off the cliff while on a horse. If you go, be advised, most don't jump from the top since it's seventy feet and could cause serious injury.

5. Christine Falls in Wells

Christine Falls in Wells, New York can be heard from the parking lot. Be prepared for a rocky, downhill walk. But it'll be worth it once you come to the popular swimming area near Speculator.

6. Dunkley Falls in Johnsburg

Dunkley Falls in Johnsburg, or 'Black Hole' as the locals call it, includes a rope swing downstream. It's a popular spot in the Adirondacks for cliff jumping.

7. Fawn's Leap in Palenville

Fawn's Leap in Palenville is not for the faint at heart. The jump is 24 feet from the top left of the Falls but if that's too high for you, you can just swim.

8. Pulpit Rock in Antwerp

Pulpit Rock in Antwerp is a cliff over 100 feet high over Payne Lake in Jefferson County. Primitive camping is allowed as long as it's 150 feet from roads, trails or water according to the DEC.


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