Valentine's Day is fast approaching and if you haven't thought about what to get your special someone yet, here are a few ideas on what NOT to get.

Valentine's Day is a time to show your significant other that you appreciate and care about them and while gift-giving can be seen as shallow, it is still a great way to convey your feelings.

That is unless you make the mistake of giving one of these gifts:

1. Appliances

Dishwashers, toasters, waffle makers, pots and pans, etc. are a terrible idea. The last thing you want to do is say, "hey honey I love you, but don't forget you also have to cook all the time."

2. Gym membership/Exercise equipment

Similar to the first one. Valentine's Day is about appreciating your loved ones, not reminding them they still have to shed that extra holiday weight they added this year.

3. Vacuum Cleaner/Cleaning supplies

Keeping with the theme of not reminding your love that they have chores to do, a vacuum cleaner is the farthest thing from romantic.

4. Self-Help books/videos

This just screams, "I love you, but you should change a few things about yourself to make me like you more."

5. Anything last-minute that didn't require any thought

Don't just grab a heart-shaped box of chocolates and some scratch-off lottery tickets. Put some thought into your gift.

6. Anything you have given to someone else.

We asked several women what they would least like to receive on Valentine's Day and this is the majority answer. Why would you think it is okay to give two people the same thing??

7. Lingerie/Clothes that don't fit/are too small

If you plan to buy your significant other clothes or especially lingerie, make sure you have the size right! Just having the correct size means that you pay attention and make the effort.

8. Divorce Papers/A Break-Up

The last thing anyone wants on Valentine's Day is for their relationship to end. If you're thinking of ending the relationship, do it before February all together.

Hopefully this list helps keep you out of the doghouse this Valentine's Day.

Remember, its all about showing your someone special that you love and appreciate them putting up with you all year long. Put in some effort and you will have a great Valentine's Day!

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