There are a lot of stereotypes we hear about Upstate New York, and these are just a few that will anger us the fastest.

1. Assuming we live right above New York City - In Westchester or Putnam Counties.

New York City

Or assuming we travel to New York City every weekend, or once a month. New York City is like its own state - It doesn't speak for the rest of us.

2. Believing we get completely buried in snow and have no lives in the winter.

Car buried in snow

Sure things slow down in the winter, and some places in Upstate New York see lots and LOTS of snowfall, but that doesn't mean we all hibernate inside until spring hits. There's plenty to do throughout the winter months.

3. If you think we're rude and stuck up because we live in New York.

Woman with stubborn, angry or dumbfound expression

You would be surprised. There are quite a few other states that are filled with people who are rude and won't help a visitor, but New York isn't one of them - Especially us in Upstate New York.

4. "Do you eat anything besides pizza and chicken wings?"

Barbecue Buffalo Chicken Wings

Ummmm.... Yes. That's like asking someone in Maine if all they eat is lobster. Sure we like our pizza and wings (and we'll fight anyone who says they know of a place with better pizza and/or wings), but there are so many other options out there. And we like to switch it up - Just like anyone else would.

5. Assuming we're rich because we live in New York.

Businessman with a briefcase full of money in the hands

Come on now - No matter what state you live in (or what part of the state for that matter), you're going to have people who make tons of cash, some that make a decent living, and others struggling to get by. It's not like New York is filled with rich people just because it's New York... Who came up with that one??

6. Thinking there is nothing to do in New York besides visiting the city.

Bored woman at office

What?! Have you ever heard of the Adirondacks? Do you know about the Baseball Hall of Fame or all the shops in Cooperstown? What about all the wineries in the Finger Lakes Region? Why not watch the Utica Comets play at the AUD? That's just four ideas right off the top of my head. Obviously there are a million things to do - If you don't believe me, just check out the "I Love NY App."

7. Assuming we all drive like maniacs.

angry driver
Vladimir Mucibabic/ThinkStock

Maybe that's what people think after visiting New York City, or after driving on the thruway for too long, but we don't see it. Yes, there are some bad drivers out there, but they're everywhere not just in New York. We're pretty good drivers in Upstate New York - We have to be, dealing with ice and snow, freezing rain, wind, and of course construction.


Those are just some of the stereotypes we hear about Upstate New York. What are some that you have heard that just make you shake your head? Let us know - Leave us a note in the "comments sections" at the bottom of this page.




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