Why spend a whole lot of money for Mother's Day when you can invest in nothing? Utica Craigslist has plenty of redneck gift options for Mom this year.

The best part, they are all free. Here's 7 gifts we think would work great for any country style Mom:

1) Wood Pallets

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Wood Pallets are the key to any successful Central New York bonfire. Why not get stocked up for the whole season for Mom for free in New Hartford?


2) Dirt

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Momma needs to garden and farm. Momma will need some dirt. It's the gift of life, and the gift that keeps on giving. This is a huge gift for free in Lee Center.


3) Large Mirror

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Who doesn't look at a mirror at some point in the day? Do you need a large one? Grab one for free in Rome.


4) Free Piano

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Maybe your Momma loves the gift of music. Why not hook her up with a sweet piano for free from Poland?


5) Furniture

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Momma needs some nice furniture for her guests. Hook her up with a sectional and corner part of a sofa in the Utica area for free.


6) Patio Swing

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Maybe Momma would like some outside furniture. That way, she could read her favorite book outside. This patio swing is a free deal from the Fort Johnson area.


7) Binders

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Maybe Mom wants to organize her coupons, photos, or do some scrap booking. Hook her up with the gift of free binders, and plenty of them, from the Utica area.