Driving through whiteout conditions in Central New York can be extremely dangerous. Plenty of accidents tend to happen, and sometimes it's extremely hard to focus on the road. Need some safe driving tips? We have them.

Here's 5 tips on driving through whiteout conditions for drivers in New York, and honestly, everywhere:

1) Stay Alert

Driving through whiteouts isn't the time to change the radio constantly, or ever check your cell phone. Keep looking as far ahead as possible, and stay focused on the road. Stay focused on other drivers around you as well.


2) Make Sure The Full Lighting System Of Your Vehicle Is Turned On

Make sure your lights work. Also, make sure you brush as much snow off of your car as possible. Snow tends to block lights, so don't just make sure your windshield is uncovered, try to make sure the whole car is. That way, lights will be extremely visible.


3) Be Patient

Honestly, take things slow. There is no need to rush. If you're late for something, the person/workplace on the other end will understand you're taking it slow. Also, remember, other drivers are taking it slow too. Slow down gradually and drive at a speed that suits the conditions.


4) Increase Your Following Distance

Do NOT tailgate during whiteouts. Drivers are taking things nice and easy, as you should too. Depending on speed, experts say you will need at least three car lengths to brake safely.


5) Keep Your Windows And Mirrors Clean

Make sure that your whole car is uncovered. This will help you be able to see better, and of course other drivers too.


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