Going into high school can be stressful. What they show you in movies and TV is completely different from what high school actually is. Here’s some tips and advice to remember starting your academic journey.

1) Never Be Afraid To Talk To an Upperclassmen

A freshman should never be afraid to talk to anyone older than them. Freshman will walk into high school and they will just be scared out of their minds because they are used to their middle school, and they know every class and every teacher. Now they have to start all over and learn new classes and new teachers. A freshman or a transfer student will be experiencing something new. The best thing they should do is too not be afraid, and go talk to an upperclassmen because they have more experience in their school.


2) Always Strive For More Success

If you’re a freshman and you play sports, the chances are depending on the sport, you will most likely not being playing on a varsity team yet. However, don’t just think that you are not good at that sport just because you aren’t playing on varsity. Continue to work hard and strive for more success so you will get better every day at that sport. If you are shown to be really good and the coaches see you are, you might just be pulled up.


3) Try Something New That You’ve Never Experienced

When you enter high school, there will be multiple activities and sports. For example, at my school there is a Media Productions class. This class is similar to the news nowadays, except it’s news for our school. Also, there are multiple projects you do and you learn to work better as a team and it’s great at my school, Westmoreland. I recommend to try some sport or some class you never would think of taking and just do it and see if you enjoy it or not.


4) Start To Think About Your Future

When you enter high school, you begin to think of what you want to do for your career in life. Whenever you have an opportunity to go to some place that you think you would never want to do in your life, go take that trip and get a good experience from that location. If you enjoyed going to such trip, then consider doing in it for your future. If you didn’t however, then you got the experience and it tells you that is not the career you want to pursue.


5) Enjoy Your Time In High School While You Can

High School is a time where you wake up, go to school and worry about what you’re going to eat for dinner. After High School, College will be more responsibility for your adult life. Live it as much as you can. Do all the sports you want to do, take all the classes you can, and use every year to think about what you plan on doing in the future for your life.


***This post was written by our intern Josh Gubbins of Westmoreland. Josh is entering his senior year, and we wish him the best of luck***



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