One of Central New York's favorite summer attractions is Sylvan Beach. Maybe while strolling through town you never picked up on any of these fun facts about the area.

5) Median Household income is lower than Median Home Price.

The Median Household income to live in Sylvan Beach is $40,147 while in comparison to the Median Home Price which is $97,800.


4) Sylvan Beach has a population of 892 which ranks lower with diversity when compared to other cities in New York.

Because of Sylvan Beach’s population being so low, the diversity demographic is very low.


3) The Median Age of People Living at Sylvan Beach is Actually 52 year olds.

The age range of people living at Sylvan Beach is the following: Ages 18 and over living at Sylvan Beach is estimated to be 87.7%, Ages 21 and over is 86.2%, Ages 62 and over is 33.2%, and Ages 65 and over is 28.5%.


2) There are more Women living at Sylvan Beach then Men.

If you're single and ready to mingle head out to Sylvan Beach. Statistics show that approximately 56.3% of women live at Sylvan Beach and 43.7% of men live at Sylvan Beach.


1) Sylvan Beach and Verona Beach are the exact same Beach, in fact they are right next to each other.

If you type Sylvan Beach into Google, an image showing the border of Sylvan Beach pops up. If you notice at the bottom of the border, the name changes from Sylvan Beach to Verona Beach. The only reason why it is separate is because it is its own city with its own zip code.


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