The old adage, "out of the mouth of babes," certainly rings true for a Camden family and their 3-year-old daughter. Margaret Metott may not be big enough to carry a gun, but she certainly knows the rules of firearms safety as she recites them in this video.

Margaret and her parents live in the countryside of Camden, and with parents who are avid hunters she has grown up with guns in the house. Her mom, Megan Rhodes says guns are always around, not where Margaret can reach them, but they wanted to teach her early about safety. Her three rules:

  • no touching guns unless someone is behind me then I can touch a gun (when cleaning)
  • a gun is always loaded
  • no pointing guns at people (including toy guns).

Margaret helps clean the guns, so she knows safety and the proper care of firearms. And for the first time this summer, with Dad's help, she got to shoot a 22. "If a child is taught gun safety the correct way from a young age, we believe the curiosity is less and less accidents will happen," says Megan.

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