Just two weeks ago, 24/7 Wall St named three Upstate New York cities among the "50 worst cities to live in".

In that study, Buffalo was ranked at #22 - Rochester #34 and Syracuse came in at #31. Those rankings were based upon several major categories, which included crime, infrastructure, education, housing and more.

Now, a new study by US News and World Report ranked Rochester, Syracuse and Albany among the "Best US cities to live" based upon quality of life, including education, crime and health services.

Here's where these three Upstate NY cities ranked on the list and why.

#21 Albany - Our capital city received points for the shortest morning commute. Residents in and around Albany drive on average a minimum of 20 minutes or less.
The maximum time to commute is still less than 40 minutes.

To buy a home in the city of Albany, you'll be spending approximately $197, 000, however to rent, you'll be paying a little over $900/month. That's alright though, because the median salary is just under $51,000. Semi-good news as far as the unemployment rate in Albany. It currently stands at 4.1%.

#20 Rochester - Commute time in Rochester is around 21 minutes, not too bad for New York's third-largest metropolitan area. Population in the metro Rochester area is about 1,083,156.

The median price of a home in Rochester is a little over $131, 000. It will cost about $805/month to rent.  Annual salary is about $47,590 and the unemployment rate is a little over 4.5%.

#18 Syracuse -  With a health care ranking of 17 and an average morning commute of 21 minutes, no wonder Syracuse is in the top 20 "best US cities to live".

The cost to buy a home in this Central NY city is around $131,000, while the average monthly rent is in the $771/month range. Income a little less than $48,000. Unemployment rate is just under 5.0%.

The best city to live in the US? That would be San Jose, California. They have the highest score for college readiness (1), a health ranking of 42 and a well being ranking of 16. As for crime in San Jose, 21.

Think it may be time to move west?


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