Until you've survived a central New York winter, there are things you just won't understand.

Remembering where you parked

James Rondenelli

Clearing just enough snow to see

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What's a snow day

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Clearing a path with your car

When the car isn't enough


All season lawn furniture


All season grilling


We measure snow in feet not inches

Photo Credit - Lori Young

Hauling your snowmobile any way you can

Paul Hollenbeck

Cleaning the outside and the INSIDE of your car

Photo Credit - Bryan Brockway

Celebrating spring even if Mother Nature doesn't cooperate

Patty Kimball

Shoveling snow from your roof

Photo Credit - Carolyn Yerdon

Snowmobiling in swimsuits


Leaf blowers at Buffalo Bills games

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Making your Halloween costume fit over your snowsuit


Turning trucks into snow plows

Skiing behind a horse & buggy

Hoverboard shoveling

30 Foot Snowmen

Diving isn't just a summer sport

Frozen Bubbles