While the solar eclipse of 2017 will bring near-totality (full sun coverage) to central New York, we will end up only seeing about 70% of the sun covered by the moon. The next solar eclipse will be much different.

The next time North America sees a total solar eclipse will be in 7 years, but it will be much more special because the path of the eclipse will travel directly through New York State.

Great American Eclipse.com is reporting that on April 8, 2024 another total solar eclipse will take place, and this time the path will cut almost perfectly through the center of New York State, giving Central New Yorkers the opportunity to see complete coverage of the sun.

The path of the 2024 eclipse will be slightly west of perfectly cutting through the center of the Empire State. If you live in Central New York you will experience the total darkness that comes with a total solar eclipse, instead of the partial darkness of the 2017 eclipse.

Utica will be just outside of the southern line of the 2024 eclipse path, but since we're not even in the path of the 2017 eclipse, we're almost guaranteed at least 98% sun coverage.

You can view a full map of the 2024 eclipse over the United States, along with smaller region specific maps at GreatAmericanEclipse.com.


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