Have you ever wanted to take part in Central New York's Ride For Missing Children? 2018 may be your year. Registration is now open to new riders.

The Ride will take place on June 1st, 2018. Set reminders now. They are looking for new riders to take part and register for this event. Why so early? There are plenty of training sessions that take place. The Summer/Fall training series will teach new riders the basics of riding successfully.

“As a new rider, you can gain proficiency on such intricacies as shifting gears, calling out obstacles and hydrating from the saddle, while riding with multiple people in a group setting,” explains Program Director Wendy Fical.

If summer training isn’t an option, new riders are still encouraged to register sooner rather than later. That way, you have plenty of time to train and get ready.

The Ride for Missing Children-CNY promotes awareness and hope in the plight of missing and exploited children across the country. The event is a one-day, 100-mile bike ride that stops at schools along the route to bring a message of safety. All participating Riders make a vow to raise a minimum of $500 and to commit to the purpose of The Ride.

You can get all the details, and register now, at their website.



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