It's been awhile since there was any good news when it comes to milk prices, so why start now. Marylynn Collins with Cornell Cooperative Extension says 2018 doesn't appear to be a banner year either. Better news, she does have some tips on how to survive.

As they say, "don't shoot the messenger," but according to Marylynn, dairy experts think the downward trend continues in the new year with Class III prices down 65 cents, Class IV drops 40 cents, and the All-Milk price sees a $1 decline.To weather the continued storm, she suggests working with a nutritionist.

    • Maximize your milk component production. A goal of 6lbs. components produced daily from each cow is achievable. Place emphasis on monitoring forage quality and management to achieve this goal
    • ·Don’t lose fresh cows. Aim for fresh cow losses with in first 60 days in milk to be at or below 6%.
    • Maximized your feeding management program. Strive for consistency in every load of feed mixed and delivered. Don’t overlook the value of silage dry matter monitoring.

You may want to set a reminder for a special program from Cornell Cooperative Extension. They will host a dairy nutrition discussion with Dr. Larry Chase on February 9. More details will be coming soon.


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