The Budweiser #BestBuds 'Puppy Love' is the Super Bowl commercial getting the most buzz this year.  Is it your favorite?  Here's this year's ads that will run during the big game, minus a few, including Scarlet Johannson's banned ad for SodaStream.

Mountain Dew's Dale Call


Dorito's 'Cowboy Kid'


Budweiser 'A Hero's Welcome'

Bud Light 'Up For Whatever'

Seinfeld Reunion

Axe 'Make Love Not War'

Coke 'Going All the Way'

T-Mobile 'Tim Tebow No Contract'

Heinz 'Hum'


Volkswagen 'Wings'

Go Daddy 'Bodybuilder'

Chevy Silverado 'Romance'

Ellen 'The Right Music' with Beats Music

Morpheus 'The Truth' Kia

Cheerios 'Gracie'

Dannon Yogurt 'The Spill'

Chobani Bear

Toyota Terry Crews and Muppets

Draft Day Movie Trailer

HEB 'Milly's Jam'

Newcastle 'Could've Made'

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Man Behind Music in Budweiser Super Bowl Ad

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