Friday the 13th is said to be bad luck. Whether you believe in the superstition or not, here's 13 unlucky places in Central New York you should probably avoid today.

Union Station

Union Station in Utica use to have many train crashes. There have been reports of seeing ghostly lights speeding along the track, as well as ghostly conductors and passengers. Today may not be a good day to ride the rails.


Van Auken Inne

The Van Auken’s Inne in Old Forge is no stranger to the paranormal. They’ve hosted several paranormal investigations over the years, and many believe they have felt a spirit on site.

Hotel Utica

The most common report about a “haunting” at Hotel Utica is “Tuxedo Man.” He’s been known to frequent the Lamplighter Pub inside the hotel, and some reports claim he moves objects and sometimes breaks bottles.

Oriskany Battlefield

As the location of one of the Revolutionary War’s bloodiest battles, as well as the location where General Nicholas Herkimer was mortally wounded, the Oriskany Battlefield is incredibly haunted by the ghosts of those who died on the battlefield.

Eric Meier/TSM

Fort Stanwix

If you're at Fort Stanwix in Rome you may hear drum and fife music. Sirits dressed in American and British military uniforms may be wandering around the grounds. A one-legged man has been spotted in the living quarters, as well as a small boy glimpsed as he runs around a corner.

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Erie Canal Village

Erie Canal Village is said to be haunted by the spirits of soldiers killed in fighting, as well as the spirit of a conductor that still haunts the train station located on the property.

Rutger Park

Rutger Park in Utica consists of multiple historic buildings, but houses #1, Munn’s Castle and #3, Miller’s Folly are said to be haunted by ghostly voices, and shadowy figures.

Capitol Theater

The Capitol Theater in Rome is well known to be haunted with reports that include spotting the spirit of a man who is reported to be a former projectionist. There are also reports that a former actor haunts the stage, as well as a ghost cat that has been spotted wandering around.


Stanley Theater

The Stanley Theatre in downtown Utica is reportedly haunted, with a single seat in the audience never being sold, out of respect for the spirits that reside in the building.

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Beardslee Castle

Beardslee Castle in Little Falls is reported to be incredibly haunted. Reports have involved hearing disembodied voices, as well as the apparition of a man who allegedly committed suicide in the basement.

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Herkimer Historic Crossroads

Two murder cases are tied to the buildings surrounding Herkimer’s Historic Crossroads. In 1884, Roxalana Druce was arrested for murdering her husband and held at Herkimer County Jail before being hanged. Chester Gillette was also on trial for murder. He was found guilty and sentenced to death by the electric chair. Both cases made national headlines, and are believed to play a part in the paranormal activity that happens in the area.

New York Shadow Chasers

Wayside Irish Pub

Reports of paranormal activity at the Wayside Irish pub in Syracuse date back to at least the 1960’s. So far, two spirits have been associated with the site: Sara, and Harry. Sara is believed to be the young girl who hung herself on the third floor. Most of the friendly ghost activity is credited to Harry. Feeling spirts isn't unusual inside the bar, according to the Pub's website. "Many of our patrons and bartenders have felt “touches”, “pokes”, and “cold” spots. It is not unusual to have a female patron complain of having her hair tugged on with no one around her. You are also liable to have a glass fly off the bar without explanation. Pictures just might drop off the walls or an orb” shows up in a photo that you have taken here."

Haunted History Trail of New York State via YouTube

Landmark Theater

There are claims the Landmark Theatre in Syracuse is haunted by a woman named “Claire” or “Clarissa.” The legend is the woman committed suicide by throwing herself over the balcony. You’ll know when “Claire” (or Clarissa) is around because you’ll smell lilacs. People have reported seeing the ghost, seeing strange lights, or hearing weird things.

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