Bail reform, illegal immigrants and the Tappan Zee bridge; just a few of the issues upsetting central New Yorkers. And they have plenty to say about it.

Governor Cuomo's approval rating hit the lowest level in 8 years last February. From the looks of things, it's going to drop even lower.

Here's 11 things central New Yorkers would like to tell our esteemed Governor....

#11 Leave/Go away. We'll pay for the ticket - Laura Fryc
#10 Quit giving illegals more benefits than our veterans and their families - Jolee Hodge
#9 Stop sending New York money to Puerto Rico you have enough of a mess here - Dawn Irons Collins
#8 It's the Tappan Zee Bridge - Donna Palazzo Gray
#7 There's more to New York than your city - Rob Walchusky
#6 There are people from your last photo op in CNY that are waiting for help - Donna Palazzo Gray
#5 Leave our 2nd Amendment alone - Amanda Lomber
#4 Stop trying to take away parents rights, you didn’t give birth to our children - Nicole Baker
#3 Stop giving things away for free. We are sick of paying for it - Shirley Stafford- Copperwheat
#2 Don't run for office ever again - Sandy Earl

The #1 thing central New Yorkers want to tell Governor Cuomo....

Bail Reform is the worst idea you ever had- Shirley Stafford- Copperwheat
Criminals belong behind bars - Sarah Oleksik
Maybe you should have asked our law enforcement advice before you changed our laws, putting criminals back on the street - Dawn Irons Collins

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