Wynonna Judd wants to be part of your holidays in more ways than one.  She's launching a new shoe line, bringing a little sparkle to your footwear for the Christmas season. Wy is also getting into the holiday spirit with a Christmas tour that makes at stop at Turning Stone.

Wy's shoe line, called 'Got Soul,' was inspired by her fans who kept asking where she got her shoes. Bedazzled sneakers, wedges and flats will be available just in time for the holidays. Wy tells Women’s Wear Daily’s Footwear News 'I’m on stage, and I hear from the audience, ‘Oh my god, your shoes.  Fans kept saying the same thing at meet-and-greets. All of a sudden, it was like, ‘bling!’ literally and figuratively. Every woman needs to feel sparkly at some point.'



You can catch Wynonna's 'A Simpler Christmas' show when she hits the Turning Stone showroom December 21st. Get tickets at the showroom box office, by calling 361-SHOW or online at Ticketmaster.com.  Maybe she'll bring some of her new shoes with her.

I'm looking forward to not only seeing Wynonna in concert, but seeing these new shoes.  I LOVE bling!  Maybe I'll find a box or two under our Christmas tree this year.  Size 10 in case anyone is curious.

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