'Fox and Friends' co-host Brian Kilmeade made another classic Kilmeade move. They had that little boy Titus on the show; the kid who got famous for being able to shoot a basketball when he was 18 months old. Now he's two, and they had him out on the street showing off his skills. He's really good and basically never misses. After one shot the ball gets away, Kilmeade fetches it, and he throws it back to Titus and hits him right in the face. The poor kid cried so hard they had to go to commercial.

On every other shot, Titus's dad fetches the ball and HANDS it back to him. Apparently they've only taught him to shoot the ball, not how to catch it.  Watch his amazing abilities and remember his name.  Titus may be a future NBA star.  That is, if he can learn to catch as well as he shoots.

Autistic Basketball Player our 'Cute Kid' of the Day [VIDEO]

Jason McElwain is a student assistant for his schools boys basketball in Rochester. Jason, or J-Mac as he's known around school, is diagnosed as highly functional autistic. He usually helps out with the team during practice, but the coach decided to give him a shot for the teams last home game.