Was Keith Urban's latest hit 'Cop Car' stolen? Songwriter Sam Hunt thinks so.


Hunt tells Taste of Country, he wrote the song about himself a few years ago.

'I sort of tweaked a few parts, but the basis is the same. I won’t go into it too much, short of ‘inspired by’ some events that happened to me a few years ago in Alabama.'

Hunt's name is on Keith's album as a co-writer.

I'm unclear if Hunt is angry with Urban, the record industry or not keeping the song for himself. Don't most artist take a song and make it their own? If a contract was signed for Keith to record 'Cop Car,' what is Hunt really upset about? Maybe he just regrets allowing someone else to sing a song so personal. On the other hand, if 'Cop Car' goes gold, as most Urban songs do, he'll make thousands.