No, this doesn't refer to a new horror movie but a piece of road patching equipment the city of Utica  is bringing back to repair its gaping potholes.

City Public Relations Director Angelo Roefaro said the mayors budget again includes 70,000, enough to rent two pothole killers. In 2010, the city paid Patch Management Inc., of Fairless Hills, Pa., 70,000 to use two of the machines and materials that come with it.The pothole killer blasts water and debris from the hole and uses a mixture of recycled rubber and other materials to fill it, a method expected to last for four to five years,according to the companys website.

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Listen to the "unofficial" announcement.

It seems that this year the pothole around the city are more numerous and bigger than in the past. Have you encountered any that would be considered dangerous? Here is the"unofficial" announcement from the city of Utica