Men cry too. Al Roker and Matt Lauer admitted sobbing while watching 'The Notebook.' Rachel McAdams, who plays Allie in the film says 'It's OK to cry. Embrace it.'

What movie makes you cry? Do you know a man who's teared up? Since Tadpole has a heart of stone, no movie makes him cry. Then again he's not like most men.

Here's my Top 10 tearjerkers that get me no matter how many times I watch.

The Notebook - Noah & Allie's Final Moments

Beaches - Wind Beneath My Wings

Steel Magnolias - The Funeral

The Green Mile - The Execution

Field of Dreams - Catch With Dad

Old Yeller - Yeller Has Rabies

Where the Red Fern Grows - Dogs Die Together

Ghost - Sam Says Goodbye

Marley & Me - Marley Dies

The Champ - Champ Dies