Halloween isn't just for the children. Parents like to take part too. From dressing up and going to Halloween parties, to decorating their homes. The big kids have just as much fun as the little ones. So we thought we'd highlight some of the best Halloween decorations in the area.

  • 1

    I've Lost My Head

    Clinton Street in Whitestown

    The poor guy, across from Harts Hill Inn, just lost his head. Haven't we all a time or two.

    Polly Wogg
  • 2

    A Nightmare on Elm Street

    Elm Street in Rome

    This truly is a nightmare on Elm Street. One of the sales girls in the office stopped to take a picture of this outdoor display in Rome. And yes it's on Elm Street.

    Shannon Humphries
  • 3

    Creatures Behind the Curtains

    Sheehan Road in Taberg

    This home on Sheehan Road in Taberg is haunted from the inside out.

    Kelly Smith
  • 4

    I Can See You

    Sheehan Road in Taberg

    It's said a mother has eyes in the back of her head to see everything going on. This creature has eyes on the front door to make sure no ghouls or goblins egg or toilet paper this house in Taberg on Halloween.

    Kelly Smith
  • 5

    Burrhill Boneyard

    Walker Road in Deerfield

    Be careful walking through the Burrhill Boneyard, especially on October 31st. Whatever is buried under those gravestones could turn into the walking dead.

    Vicky White
  • 6

    The Lights Are On in Ilion

    Third Street in Illion

    The trick or treaters won't have any trouble finding this home. It's lit up almost like the Griswald home on Christmas. I wonder if they go all our for the holiday season too.

    Mary Romeo
  • 7

    Don't Drink and Fly

    Hollywood Drive in Whitesboro

    It looks like this wicked witch had too much wine before taking flight. She crashed into a tree off Hollywood Drive in Whitestown. At least she didn't run into another witch.

    Polly Wogg
  • 8

    Trick or Treaters Beware!

    Calhoun Street in Rome

    This home in Rome includes a gate keeper to keep on eye on the little ones on Halloween night

    Andrea Gregory-Lovenguth
  • 9

    All The Ghosts Are Out in Schyuler

    Westgate Drive in Schyuler

    Thanks to Sara Truax for sending this great display in Schyuler.

    Sara Truax
  • 10

    Even Better At Night

    Westgate Drive in Schyuler

    This home looks even better at night with all the lights on

    Sara Truax