A Seattle Seahawks fan wanted to show her appreciation in song 'because you make us proud and we love you.'  The teen changed the words to Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep.'

Seattle Seahawks Song

There's an earthquake coming from the fans
We get our players going. That's why we're 12th man.
Go over there, look at little Harbaugh cry.
Poor sports, that's what you are. It's time to say goodbye.

Our blood runs blue and green. We love our Seattle team
We know you'll make it. Yeah we love you win or lose.
We're so proud of you. We knew you would make it through
No niners could stop us.

They could have won it all.
They could have took the ball. But we're much to strong
And we left them, in the dust

See how we leave our win in New Jersey
Our players know how to act unlike you Crabtree.
Our defense knows how it is. It's the legion of boom.
You better get use to it. It led you to your doom.


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