Impressive Frisbee Tricks [VIDEO]
How are your frisbee skills? Mine, you ask? My frisbee skills are terrible. Every time I throw one, it doesn't go where I would like it to go. I get a good throw every once in awhile, but for the majority of time, my frisbee either hits the ground or just veers too far to the right. That's why I was…
Pogo Stick Tricks [VIDEO]
There's no way you can get me on a pogo stick. When I was a kid, I tried it, and fell right off. I find it not to be a very fun toy. But, after watching this video, it makes pogo sticks look like the coolest things in the world. Check out these pogo stick tricks.
Frisbee Tricks vs. Basketball Tricks [VIDEO]
Which are better to watch--tricks done with frisbees or tricks done with a basketball? If your answer was both, you are correct, at least after watching this amazing video. Two guys, one who does frisbee tricks and one who does basketball tricks, have a trick battle. And, I must say, I am really imp…