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Nothing Beats a Road Trip to See the Beauty of America
If you plan on taking a vacation anytime soon, you should definitely consider making it a road trip. If you've ever made a long journey to another part of the country you know how beautiful the sights and sounds can be. A recent trip from New York to Green Bay, Wisconsin proved that for my girl…
Are The Dallas Cowboys The New York Yankees Of The NFL
Are the Dallas Cowboys the New York Yankees of the NFL? The team is arrogant enough to send out playoff tickets to season ticket holders, including passes to the NFC Championship game, before the season even begins. I think Jim Mora's said it best...
Giants Look To Avenge Opening Night Loss To Cowboys
There are only two blemishes on what has been a fairly impressive defense of last year's Super Bowl title. The Giants look to right one of their wrongs on Sunday, traveling to Dallas  in hopes of avenging an Opening Night loss at home to the Cowboys.