Parents won't be the only one's working '9-5.' Students at five Utica schools will also be on the same clock this September.

Two middle schools – John F. Kennedy Middle School and James H. Donovan Middle School – and three elementary schools – Hughes Elementary, Kernan Elementary, and Roscoe Conkling Elementary, will be in session from 9:05am to 5:05pm starting this fall. The change is meant to enhance academics and increase test scores, but parents aren't happy.

My daughter isn't affected but my first questions would be about extra curricular activities, home work and winter months. What if the kids are involved in sports? Game times would coincide with other schools that get out much sooner. Would kids have homework? Being in school that long and bringing home MORE work, would leave little family time or just time for kids to be kids. In the winter, kids who walk home would be traveling when it's dark.

What about the teachers? All the focus has been on the change affecting kids, but will teachers be working longer hours with the same pay?

From our Facebook page, it looks like I'm not the only parent with questions.

What do you think of the change?