Its semi-finals week on 'Dancing With the Stars.' And that means the last four needed to not only bring their A game, but their stamina for three dances, to move into the finals. Ricki Lake didn't disappoint, with two near perfect solo dances. But it was Rob Kardashian, who has been the middle of the pack guy all season, that shocked the ballroom.

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    Ricki & Derek

    Sexy Samba

    Ricki Lake rarely disappoints on the dance floor and Monday night was no different. She performed a perfect Samba that head judge Len Goodman said should have her sailing through to the final round.

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    Ricki's near perfect Argentine Tango

    Dance 2

    Ricki followed up her perfect Samba with a near perfect Argentine Tango. Why Carrie Ann only gave her a 9, I'll never know. It's the first dance this season that allows lifts, and Ricki rocked them all out! Watch and judge for yourself.

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    Rob Kardashian & Cheryl Burke


    Someone must have told Rob Kardashian he's in a competition.   This guy has come out of nowhere this week. He received his first 10 of the season for his shakin' Samba. Who knew Rob had hips that could shake like that?

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    Rob's Argentine Tango

    Dance 2

    Rob has gone from a boy to a man on Dancing With the Stars. His Argentine Tango was powerful and he had no problems with any of the lifts. And as head judge Len Goodman said, 'It's not where you start, it's where you finish,' and Rob is finishing as strong as I've seen any contestant in all the seasons on Dancing.

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    Cha Cha Relay

    All four stars hit the dance floor for the Cha Cha relay. First place received 10 points, while last only received 4. You'd assume Ricki would win but after watching them dance, it was Rob who came out on top while Hope landed in last.