Pizza has become a staple in many American's diet and a new survey by travel website Zaget shows that pizza is more popular than ever and that mushrooms have caught up with pepperoni as the most requested topping. There were some other interesting pizza facts.

Zaget, which conducts weekly pizza surveys, found the most popular toppings holding steady.

1. Pepperoni; Mushrooms (tie)

2. Sausage

3. Extra Cheese; Onions (tie)

4. Basil

5. Peppers

via 2013 Pizza Week Survey Results Are Live! - Zagat.

Hold the anchovies , please. They are tied with spinach as the least favorite topping. How often do we eat pizza and when?

Overall - 3.9

Males - 4.3

Females - 3.5

Dinner - 89%

Lunch - 37%

Late-Night Snack - 19%

Afternoon Snack - 10%

Breakfast - 9%

via 2013 Pizza Week Survey Results Are Live! - Zagat.

There are more fascinating pizza facts available in the Zaget survey.


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