Sure monkey's are cute. They're funny too. But when you mess with a monkey's owner you may quickly realize that they can be nasty as well. Texas police officer Keith Moore was writing a traffic ticket when his sunglasses camera caught the man's monkey jumping from the backseat and biting him on the hand. It hurts just watching this.

KRISTV reported that Moore's sergeant was just as surprised--and more amused--by what had occured.

"His monkey attacked me!" you can hear Moore telling the other officer. "What?" he replied. "He's got a monkey and it attacked my hand. I'm not even kidding," Moore is heard saying. "A monkey? like a legitimate monkey?" the sergeant said. "Yeah like a legitimate monkey," Moore answered.

via Monkey Traffic Stop Surprises Officer | Corpus Christi, TX | |.

Fortunately for everyone concerned it was the monkey and not the driver who went "bananas".