Mindy McCready did not attend the memorial service for her boyfriend David Wilson, who died from a gunshot wound January 13th. She did did find time to do an interview with 'Dateline' about Wilson's death and her involvement.  Mindy talked about being heartbroken, and denied having anything to do with his murder.

Asked point blank if she killed David she said, 'Oh my god, no. Oh my god, no. He was my life. We were each other's life.'

Mindy said she started screaming when she saw Wilson after the shooting. 'I lay down next to him and just pleaded with him not to die.' She did admit they argued on the night he died, but insisted Wilson was not cheating. 'David was not having an affair with another woman. That is absolutely, totally untrue.'  She was also asked about the bullet being found the day after the murder. She had a bizarre answer saying, 'I didn't find it . . . the dog did. It was in the dog's mouth. I mean, that's a horrific thing to say, but it was in the dog's mouth.'

Mindy has not yet been named as a suspect in Wilson's death and she thinks the sheriff is on a 'witch hunt.' We'll know more when forensic tests are done in a couple of weeks.

Watch Mindy McCready's 'Today Show' Interview