At one time, many years ago, I did wedding DJ work and found one of the most touching moments to be the traditional father-daughter dance. Sometimes the bride would request a special song but more often than not it was up to me to select one that she and her dad would take the dance floor to. Here are my "Top 5" Father-Daughter dance songs, some old, some new.

Daddy's Little Girl--The best known version of this favorite was posted by none other than Al Martino's own little girl, Allison.

I Loved Her First--Heartland had only one hit but it was a number one song and will be heard for years to come at wedding receptions.

Butterfly Kisses--Bob Carlisle. Another one hit artist but what a hit. Try staying dry eyed watching daughter and dad dance to this. Good luck.

I'll Always Be Your Baby--Natalie Grant. Just listening to lyrics is enough. Every dad, including myself, will be unable to hold off the tears if this is their father-daughter song.

Father and Daughter--Paul Simon. A personal favorite that was part of the movie soundtrack for "The Wild Thornberry's Movie" moves me every time I hear the line, "As long as one and one are two, there could never be a father who loves his daughter more than I love you". That say's it all, right dad's?

Regardless of what song is chosen the father-daughter dance will always be one of the emotional highlights of any wedding reception.