Have you heard Leah Turner's song "Pull Me Back"? We got the music video for you to watch and listen to for free.

After listening to the song you'll agree the song has a different sound than what we are used to hearing from Leah. Billboard got to interview her on the new single and here's what she had to say:

"It shows a softer side of me. We all get into moments in relationships where we build up walls, and hugging the edge of the bed seems like a better idea than hugging the one lying next to you. We all push away and sometimes you just need to let down the walls and forgive, no matter how big or small the fight is," she says, admitting that she has lived the lyrics first-hand. "I wrote about it, and it's a personal experience that I went through."

Leah will be hitting the roadwith Brad Paisley this year. Look for this single to grow on the charts.