We knew Kellie Pickler could sing, but who knew she could dance too.  Her amazing jazz routine on 'Dancing With the Stars' has her tied for first place after only week two.  Wynonna Judd, on the other hand, is hoping her fans will keep her safe after landing near the bottom.

Kellie Pickler 9-8-9
Kellie Pickler is showing fans she's more than a one trick pony.  She received the first 9's of the season and is at the top of the Dancing with the Stars leader board, making Derek Hough one proud partner.


Wynonna Judd 6-6-6
Wynonna Judd's quick step wasn't so quick, giving her 18 for her dance again this week.  Despite her low scores, there's no way she's being sent home.  Wy's loyal country fans will keep her in the competition for weeks to come.


Tune in ABC tonight at 9 to see who will be the first star sent home.