I've mad fun of my car countless times on the air, but today was a pretty historic day. I was able to say goodbye to my friend the Blue Bullet this afternoon. 

Let's take a trip back to spring of 2009. I was a senior in high school. I saved up several paychecks, and also scholarships I received, to buy my first car. I searched for weeks on end, and finally my Dad found the Blue Bullet on Craigslist. We drove off to Little Falls, and picked this bad boy up for cheaper than we thought. The car ran great, engine was fine, and exterior was amazing. It only had 60,000 miles on it. When I brought it to the junk yard today, I had over 190,000 miles. Not to bad right?

After owning the car for 5 years, I've only been in three accidents. I slammed on my breaks in the rain once and ran into a truck, hit a deer, and had someone back into me in a parking lot. The car took some serious abuse. Despite the bullet looking like garbage, I've had a ton of amazing memories too.

I remember after graduation my friends and I went up North on a camping trip, and I remember sleeping in my car after a bear wandered into our camp. That I would consider good. Also, I remember picking up my wife for our first date with this car. She flipped admittedly to Big Frog on the radio, and some how we've been stuck there forever.

I did have a ton of bad memories with the Blue Bullet. These include hitting a deer LESS than a mile from home, having the power steering fail, and also having the car completely die out one night on the way home from DJing at a bar. Probably the worst memory I have with the car was when I passed out drunk at a party, and left the doors unlocked. Someone drove me home safe, but I left the doors unlocked. My friends decided to smoke an ENTIRE box of cigars in the car. To this day when it rains, the smell haunts me. Also, another bad memory includes getting fired for the first time. I drove my car home crying to Dashboard Confessional "Vindicated" and eating a McFlurry.

I'll miss my car. It was my baby for so long. But, I grew up, and needed a better ride.

What was your first car? What were some memories you had with it?