Woman Quits Job By Posting Video [VIDEO]
Most people quit their jobs either by meeting with the boss or submitting a letter of resignation. Not Marina Shifin. Marina, who works for a company that produces news videos decided to take a different tack in telling her superiors she's out of there. What do you think of her approach?
Watch Guy Dance Around Wildly at Willie Nelson Concert [VIDEO]
I don't know what this guy was on, but he's in his own world and loving it.  A guy was taped dancing wildly at a Willie Nelson concert.  Notice the amazed stars and large smiles on everyone's face in the crowd.  Also notice the amount of room people around him gave.&nbs…
Jimmy Kimmel & Kanye West in Twitter War
Kayne West and Jimmy Kimmel are having a war of words on social media. It started when Kimmel made fun of Kanye, after he called himself 'the #1 rock star on the planet.'  Kimmel had kids repeat Kanye's most famous lines from the BBC interview on his Jimmy Kimmel Live.
Baseball Vs. Football According To George Carlin [VIDEO]
It's that time of year when baseball heats up and football kicks off. So, what keeps you glued to the tube? Rooting for your MLB team to make it to the playoffs and World Series, or pulling for your NFL team? Sometimes you have to make a decision to watch one or the other, depending on TV schedules.…

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