Let’s Play ‘Off to Jail’
Let's play 'Off to Jail,' a social media game I discovered on Facebook.  It's a great way to interact with family and friends, and it puts a smile on your face.  Or in my case, a few laugh out loud moments.
Tips on Beating Candy Crush Saga Level 97 – The Bombs
You fight your way through the Candy Crush Saga chocolate, beg Face Book friends you haven't spoken to in years for more tickets and your reward? BOMBS!  Welcome to level 97 on this highly addictive game.  Click for details on overcoming the next adventure.
Tip on Beating Hard Candy Crush Levels
If you're a Candy Crush Saga player, you're familiar with those near-impossible levels you encounter.  It takes a week to get past the level and when it's finally over, you jump around like you caught the winning touchdown.  Well here's a tip to get you past those diffi…
Candy Crush Saga Addiction Sweeping the Nation [VIDEO]
When one of my Facebook "friends" first invited me to play "Candy Crush" I blew it off thinking it was just another silly time waster. Then I found out that my boss, Tadpole and my wife, Jeri, were both hooked on it and I thought, "Hmmm, I guess it must be a very intelligent…
Play Station 4 Release Date Set [VIDEO]
Gamers rejoice! SONY has announced a November 15 release date for its Play Station 4 video game. As Microsoft had previously announced the release of its XBox 1 in November it sets up a battle royale between the two for the gamers dollar. Speaking of dollars, what will the new Play Station 4 and XBo…
How To Get More Lives In Candy Crush Saga For Free
Yes, I'm a bit embarrassed to admit it, but I'm hooked on the Candy Crush Saga.  The game has even surpassed Farmville 2 as the most popular game on Facebook, so apparently I'm not the only one with the addiction.  At least I haven't forked over the 99¢ to buy extr…
Nemo Drinking Game
If Winter Storm Nemo has got you trapped inside try this Nemo drinking game to entertain yourself.  Thanks to @Tanylouhou on Twitter for sharing.
Golden Globes Drinking Game
The Golden Globes hosted by Amy Poehler & Tina Fey, will be handed out Sunday.  With so many awards shows, does anyone really watch?  You can make it more fun with this Golden Globes drinking game from Movie Boozer.
New Video Game Releases — July 2012
The new video game releases for July 2012 has very little to get excited about. One interesting note is that while there’s not a single new Vita game coming out there are plenty for the 3DS. E3 was pretty light on stuff for Sony’s new system but let’s …
GameFly Starts Giving Out Free and Discounted Mobile Games
GameFly really wishes it could get subscribers to cough up a monthly fee to play things like Angry Birds Space and Ziggurat, but its mad scientists have yet to find a way to stick a game disc or cartridge into your iPhone.
So the Netflix of Gaming is trying the next best thing — giving out free…

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