If you thought Carrie Underwood was stunning, you should see her up close. She's more beautiful in person, inside and out.

As we stood in line, we watched Carrie interact with a little disabled boy. She talked with him and took so many pictures we lost count. I think he even got a kiss on the cheek. I doubt he'll wash his face ever again.  'I know I won't,' his dad said. You couldn't wipe the smile from that little boy's face if you tried.

Underwood has a voice as big as her heart. How someone so small can sing THAT big is beyond me.

The fans came out in droves in all ages. From the older woman beside me to the kids in front of me who spent most of the show taking selfies.  I couldn't help myself...


From 'See You Again' and 'Jesus Take the Wheel' to 'Good Girl' and 'Undo It,' Underwood sang her heart out, entertaining a full crowd. Hopefully she'll have more hits as she prepares for her next album. 'I'm in the process of picking songs right now,' Underwood said backstage.