Would you believe it if I told you that Buffalo New York was in the Top Ten of the Best Cities in the country for recreation? Seriously, it's number nine. Why isn't Utica/Rome anywhere on this list?

July is known as National Park and Recreation Month. The leading personal finance social media network WalletHub took an in-depth look at 2014's Best & Worst Cities for Recreation. Buffalo grabbed number 9 on the Top Best cities for recreation. Really? Don't get me wrong, Buffalo is an amazing city. How come our city didn't get ranked at all?

WalletHub compared the 100 largest U.S. cities and highlighted those with the most diverse opportunities for recreation, sports and culture.

We used 24 key metrics to explore a number of factors— from the cost of movie tickets and parkland acreage to the affordability of food prices and spending on parks per resident — that contribute to the overall quality of each city’s offerings."

You can bowl cheaper in Buffalo vs New York City. However, if you don't bowl, Buffalo doesn't appear any where else on the list.

Here in the Utica/Rome metro, I understand we aren't a big giant city. However, we offer a ton of recreational activities. You could go hiking, golfing, swimming, biking, dancing, and even flying!

Do you think our region got passed over?