For some, Christmas is about decorating inside and out. Some go all out, when it comes to their light displays. Check out some of the best.

John and Danielle Copeland's Palm City, Florida home is adorned with 60,000 holiday lights. She says they buy their lights the day after Christmas. 'We work on it during the summer, so it can take 10, 20 hours a song and that's only three minutes. So I think we have about six or seven songs this year.' They even have their own website at

Perkins Christmas Lights 'What Does the Fox Say'

One home uses their lights display as a way to say thank you to the men and women in uniform.

Thank You Troops

While many set lights up to traditional Christmas songs, the Burtons's in Georgia set one display up with the Iron Bowl call. You can see more at their website or on their Facebook page.

Burton's 'War Eagle'

The Burton's also have the lights show set to traditional music.

Then there's the home in New Jersey who's home featured an amazing light show, complete with 10 foot high flames.

New Jersey Flames

For those who like a something with a little more rock; check out this Slayer display.

Slayer Display

For the most decorations at one home; that award goes to this home in Queens New York.

Queens New York Overload

You don't need snow to have an amazing Christmas lights display. Watch this home in El Paso with over 3000,000 lights.

El Paso

And now for the comic relief. Watch this home's display, set to Christmas Vacation.

Christmas Vacation

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