Heidi Newfield is one of the stars who'll take the stage at our second Intimate Acoustic show October 1st at Rome Capitol Theatre.  And she's ready to raise the roof.

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Heidi's had a few changes, personally and professional, over the years.  She's in the midst of a divorce and she's trying to make it as a solo country artist after leaving the band Trick Pony in 2006.  In 2008 Heidi came out with a solo album 'What Am I Waiting For' with the single 'Johnny & June' and was honored it was nominated for song and single of the year. 'When you leave a group to step out on your own, that can often be chancy, so this let me know I was doing the right thing.  Even though I was proud of the music we made with Trick Pony and it was a lot of fun it was time to move on musically and creatively.   It confirmed everyone was like go girl!'

'Johnny & June' was a song near and dear to Heidi's heart. 'It's a song I wrote having spent a lot of time with the Cash family. We wanted to write something that was a tribute to a great love but also something that was relatable to all of us.  Who doesn't want a love like that?'  Amen.

'Why'd You Have To Be So Good'
Heidi's new single is even more emotional than 'Johnny & June. ''Why'd You Have to Be So Good' was a song she had to have even though it wasn't her own. 'It's one of the few songs on the new album I didn't write but you just know when you hear something it's like, oh my God, I've got to sing that. I had lost my mom at the time I heard it.'  But she had to wait for the song.  The day after Heidi first heard it, the song was put on hold for Tim & Faith.  It made its way around to several stars before landing at Heidi's door.

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The song came from an unusual source.  'It was co-written by the lead guitar player from the heavy metal band 'Lit' after his mother lost the love of her life.  He was killed instantly by a drunk driver and she broke every bone in her body and had her left leg amputated.   Jeremy was talking to his mom and said 'I don't even have words.  I'm so sorry.' She just looked right at him and said 'he was so good.'  So this song is what came out of the situation.'

Heidi just shot an emotional video for 'Why'd You Have to Be So Good.'  Check out the story behind the song and the video below.  I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see her perform it live.

Heidi is a big fan of acoustic shows, or guitar pulls, as they are called in Nashville.  'When we get to play acoustic, it is more personal and the artists get to share the stories behind the songs.  You hear these great harmonies. It's just so pure.'

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When Heidi's not on the road she likes to be normal.  Or as normal as anyone can be.  'I ride horses. I ride motorcycles. When I get home and get off the road I like to take a ride on the back roads, let the wind blow through my hair and get the road dust off you. I'm an outdoors girl.  I love to get dirty in the garden. I love to cook, especially during football season. Its cold beer and chili time.'

She's looking forward to coming to Rome New York to 'raise the roof,' and encourages everyone to join her.  Plus, the show is just a few days before her birthday so 'come as a birthday present.'

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The Acoustic Show stars Heidi along with Randy Houser and Andy Gibson.  Tickets are $12 in advance for the October 1st show at Rome Capitol Theater.  Doors open at 6pm, show starts at 7pm.