You may have seen them on the Internet, or maybe you've seen this one in Syracuse, either way it's for sale.

The 10-seat pedal powered pub - nicknamed 'The Big Yellow Fellow' by owners Michael John Heagerty and Mike Giannattasio - started as a tour business in 2016, but now Heagerty and Giannattasio say they're ready to sell the business.

The converted bike seats 10 people who all pedal together to move it, and has been seen over the last couple years at events like The Great New York State Fair and the Syracuse Blues Fest.

A top speed of 5 mph won't get you far, but it would be perfect for any outdoor event. reports that you still have to follow laws wherever it's operated. Riders are allowed two drinks per tour (12 oz per hour) which have to be served while the vehicle is stopped. Riders also can't take open containers off the cycle.

The price tag is $15,000 - $20,000, and while the owners would like it to stay in Syracuse, they wouldn't be against selling it to someone in another Upstate city.

Like maybe Utica...

Here's a more detailed description of the Pedal Pub from the owner's Craigslist ad:

"Vehicle (fully pedal driven via custom high gearing system) has LED lighting, awning with full coverage, Horn and sound system, storage on the back platform, newly installed custom bar with cup holders and purse/bag hooks underneath. Seats 10 pedalers (5 on each side) with padded cruiser bicycle seats, 10 advertisement locations including top, back and wheel-wells. It is approximately 19' long x 11' high x 7' wide."

You can read the full ad at

Check out The Big Yellow Fellow in action at the 2016 NYS Fair:

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