Well, 25 percent of women hated the way their husband popped the question, that, according to Men's Health magazine. What's more is that 26 percent of the women polled said their husband's proposal could have been more romantic, original or personal.

What's one of the biggest mistakes a guy can do while proposing? According to 33 percent of women, it's proposing without having a ring in-hand. And, here is some relieving news for soon-to-propose guys, 96 percent of women loved the ring their boyfriends chose.

But, how about that one-knee thing? It's 2011. Do we still need to be so traditional? Surprisingly, according the Men's Health survey, 76 percent of guys feel it's essential to bend on one knee, while 49 percent of women felt it was needed to propose.

And, guys, incase you were wondering, 'Yes,' you do have to ask her parents if you can marry her. 60 percent of women in the poll said it's important for a man to ask for his girlfriend's hand in marriage.