Jason Aldean is producing Tyler Farr's upcoming album, and the "Redneck Crazy" singer says the experience has been ... different. The two are good friends, so taking direction from Aldean is unusual.

"He ... he's kind of an ass," Farr says in typical deadpan fashion. "We're good friends, and how you can tell if you have really good friends is if you give each other crap. And he dishes out quite a bit. It's been good though."

Prior to his set at Country Jam in Grand Junction, Colo., Farr told Taste of Country that Aldean approached him with the idea to produce the follow-up to Suffer in Peace (2015). They've got a few songs cut, but none that Farr would share details of.

"He has been pretty hard on me," he says. "It hurts."

Earlier, Farr mentioned that he had another project in the works, as well. After talking about his musical collaboration with Aldean, he shared that, "We're dabbling in the TV world right now, that's new news." In this interview he let it slip that he's working on a reality show, but that's about all he's willing to share right now.

Farr also met Tim Tebow recently. His next album will be his third on Sony Nashville. In addition to "Redneck Crazy," Farr has scored hits with "Whiskey in My Water" and the chart-topping "A Guy Walks Into a Bar." He's currently a part of Brad Paisley's Life Amplified World Tour. Paisley headlined Day 2 of Country Jam.

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