I've been to dozens of weddings in my day as both a guest and as a host. One thing that stands out is that, if you have plenty of Irish guests, the DJ had better play some Bing Crosby and The Chiffons. If there is a significant Polish crowd, polkas are in order and for Italian weddings, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin sound great during dinner. With Culture Fest coming to the Stanley on April 13th, we thought we'd share some all time wedding favorites with you.

Here are the top 5 cultural wedding songs often played at weddings with guests of a dominate heritage. They are in no particular order.

5) The 'Beer Barrel Polka' and the 'Pennsylvania Polka' by Frankie Yankovic
You'll defiantly roll out the barrel to this at a polish wedding.

4) 'Hava Nagilah' by the Moshe Silberstein Ensemble
Up on a chair for this one at a wedding with guests of the Jewish faith.

3) 'Zbog tebe' by Zlatni Dukati
This would most likely be heard at a Bosnian celebration. It means 'Because of You"

2) 'Wasn't That a Party' by the Irish Rovers
'Oh Danny Boy', 'The Unicorn' and this one are a must at an Irish wedding.

1) 'Tarantella' by Chuck Mangione
And remember 'Crazy Mary' as well for Italian festivities.

Again we hope to see you at Culture Fest, Saturday the 13th of April at the Stanley Theater in downtown Utica.

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