Stephanie and Cheryl Spinner are twin sisters from New Jersey. What started off as a desire to just write music turned into an amazing female duo called 'Spinn.' They say twin sisters share a special connection and these two prove that point without a doubt.

This unique sound, great harmony, and different perspective on the genre is exactly what Country music needs. Growing up in New Jersey on the outskirts of The Big Apple, Stephanie and Cheryl grew up listening to both rock and country music. They decided that just because you grew up near the big city doesn't mean you can't have country in your heart. After listening to their single 'City Country' you know exactly what their style is and where they are coming from. Much like Maddie and Tae taking on the issue of 'Bro Country,' Spinn takes on the issue of country music being exclusively for people from the "Sticks." I believe Stephanie and Cheryl are exactly the type of group the genre needs. Watch out for these girls. They are sure to be on big stages soon and/or writing big hits for the biggest stars in Nashville.

Another aspect that makes them true blue country is their "Southern hospitality."

Andy Cash/TSM