Divers Suddenly Surrounded by Whales
The ocean's a big place, but sometimes it can seem really crowded. These divers probably expected to see a few exotic fish — instead they stumbled across a pod of humpback whales, plus a few sharks.
Watch an Intense Close Encounter With Whales
If you like whales or the sound of a panicking teenage girl, this is definitely the video for you. Just be careful where you watch it. While it is obviously extremely SFW (it's just a father and daughter in a canoe looking at a whale), the heavy breathing and moans do sound a little suspicious …
Whale Watches Are Worth It – Big Time
During the Frog Days of Summer, when the McSheas head off on vacation to Cape Cod, we always make sure we sign up for a whale watch. No, it's not a tourist trap or gimmick like those glass-bottom boats, but it's a fascinating way to get up close and almost personal with these incredible ma…