Thought for the day

January Thoughts To Ponder
Now that our first Friday edition of "Greg's Grill" noontime request hour for 2012 is in the books, it's time for some food for thought. And today's thought is an inspirational one from an inspirational athlete.
Thoughts For New Year’s Eve
As we are at the last day of the year during the "Frog Days of Winter", 2011, how about some food for thought. Even though it's not "Greg's Grill", where we usually share thoughts for the day at the end of the noontime request hour, I think a timely thou…
A Holiday Thought For The Day
Now that the requests on "Greg's Grill" are in the books, it's time to take a breather and ponder a thought for the day. As I usually say on Big Frog 104, "Now that we've had some food for lunch, how about some food for thought".
Some December Thoughts
Now that it's December 1st, we may think that it's winter, but it's still  the "Frog Days of Fall". And with 24 shopping days left until Christmas, you may be doing some of that right now on your lunch hour during "Greg's Grill". Let'…
A Thanksgiving Eve Thought For The Day
On this Thanksgiving Eve in "Greg's Grill", now that the requests have been heard and the lunches have been eaten, how about some food for thought. And what would be more appropriate today than a smile?
Food For Thought For Our Best Friends
Here we are, lunchtime in "Greg's Grill" during a short work and school week, thanks to the Thanksgiving holiday. And it seems like every time you turn on the TV, there's more political bickering. So today, how about some food for thought that may say a lot about politici…
Thought For A November Day
During "Greg's Grill", we get a chance to hear it your way with requests each day from noon-1 p.m. I always think it's good to finish off the hour on a positive note with some food for thought. Today, our thought is probably one that animals lovers will appreciate.
Thoughts From A Great Thinker
As you know, America lost a great thinker and commentator recently, Andy Rooney of "CBS 60 Minutes". And, Sunday night, 60 Minutes aired a tribute to their late colleague. You could always rely on Andy Rooney to make sense out of senseless things in this world.  Today, as we f…
TGIF Thought – Beyond The Agony Of Defeat
TGIFF...Thank goodness it's finally Friday. After a good session of requests today on " Greg's Grill", and now that you've had some food for lunch, here's some food for thought. With this being the last Friday of October, I went searching for a somewhat deeper t…
Greg’s Grill May Change The World
It's always good to finish off a good lunch with a good thought. Most days, that's how we end our "Greg's Grill" requests during the noon hour. Today, we have a thought to think about the rest of the day.

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