What Are Your Thoughts on Common Core Testing?
Did your kid take that test? One of the most popular, and in some ways controversial, conversations going on at offices, homes, and birthday parties is the NY State Test. Should my child opt out? What does his/her teacher think? These questions and more weigh heavy not only on the parents, but …
How 1st Graders at Camden Elementary Catch Leprechauns
Legend has it that at the end of every rainbow is a magical pot of gold. The only problem nobody really knows how to actually arrive at the end of the rainbow. The one and only creature that has the knowledge to get that gold is a leprechaun. A 1st grade class in Camden realized if you catch the lep…
Steps To Refuse Tests
The controversial Common Core testing begins Tuesday, April 14th but many parents are opting their kids out. Are you one of them?