Sleeping With Santa Photo Goes Viral
Twas the Thanksgiving holiday in an Indiana Mall, two parents wanted Santa photos to hang on their wall. But when they arrived, their child was asleep. So Santa napped too for a picture they'll keep.
Just For Laughs – My Favorite Funny Santa Video
About a year ago, I saw this funny Santa video one night on MSNBC. It takes place in a neighborhood where one of the locals dresses up as Santa, then arrives...with a thud! He was supposed to climb down from the garage roof, but it didn't quite end up that way.
Matt Damon Plays Santa For A Cause [VIDEO]
Matt Damon has taken on the role of Santa Clause in this video. No, it's not for a new movie, it's for a cause--clean water. According to, which is the website displayed at the beginning of the video, the organization was co-founded by Damon and Gary White. And, according to the 'About Us'…